The City Of Alamosa is accepting bids and statements of qualifications from
qualified contractors to perform work on the 2021 Chip Seal program.

Sealed bids will be received until 2:00 P.M. March 26th, 2021

All Phases of this project are to be completed prior to the close of business Friday August 13th 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

All Bids submitted and work completed shall be performed in full compliance with:

  • The plans and specifications for this project
  • Any Special provisions for this project, and
  • The 2012 City of Alamosa Standard Construction Specifications, as amended.

Envelopes Containing bid proposals shall be addressed as follows:
Harry Reynolds
Public Works Director
Department of Public Works
City of Alamosa
Post Office Box 419
Alamosa, Colorado 81101

Bids may be hand delivered to the City of Alamosa,
Public Works Department 300 Hunt Ave. Alamosa, Colorado.

The bid must be placed in One envelope, securely sealed and clearly labeled “2021 City of Alamosa chip seal program” in addition to the name of the bidder and the bidders address on the outside of the envelope.

The City of Alamosa shall not be responsible for premature opening of bids not properly labeled. All bids to be submitted on the basis of cash payment for the work and materials.

Only those bids received by the Public Works Department on or before the aforesaid date and hour set for closing of this Invitation for Bid (IFB) will be eligible for consideration. Any bid received after the closing time, regardless of the method of delivery, shall be returned unopened to the bidder. Bids may not be withdrawn after closing time

All bids shall be evaluated and selections made as soon as possible after bid opening. The City of Alamosa reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive formalities and informalities, and to award orders for the items described either in whole or in part, if it seems to be in the best interest of the city to do so.

Any and all questions shall be submitted in writing prior to close of business on March 12th, 2021 by electronic mail to
Questions and responses will be posted on the City web site as soon as possible thereafter.

The Chip Seal Program consists of applying asphaltic binder and aggregate meeting CDOT No. 8 specifications on approximately 14,610 square yards of street surface. A list of the streets scheduled to be chip sealed are included (see Street Listing). The City has a limited budget for the 2021 Chip Seal program and therefore reserves the right to adjust the quantities to fit within the financial limits of the program based on the bids received. The listed square yard measurements are estimates for bidding purposes only and the final square yard cost will be determined at the end of the project.

The successful bidder will be expected to enter into an Agreement for Professional Services with the City. Bids shall be submitted on the bid form attached to the request for proposals.

2021 City Of Alamosa Chip Seal Program

Street Highlighted Color on Map FROM TO SQ YD's

Adcock BLVD

Adcock Circle

Adcock Drive

Around Retention Pond Islands









Cr. 7s













Item No. Description Quantity Unit Unit Price Total



Chip Seal Surfacing

Fog Seal





 Unit Price in words: ________dollar/s and cents __________ per square yard
Note: When evaluating the bids, any discrepancy between the listed Unit Price and Total will be
settled in favor of the Unit Price in words

Bid submitted on behalf of:___________________________________

Bid submitted by:___________________________________________

(Name and title of authorized agent)

Date of bid:_______________________

Acknowledgement of Addendum I _________


Work shall consist of all labor, materials, equipment, traffic control and safety devices required for chip sealing of the roads listed in the construction schedule. All work shall be done in accordance with the 2017 Colorado Department of Transportation “Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction” unless modified herein. The Bidder is required to examine carefully the site of the proposed work. They shall satisfy themselves as to the character, quality and quantities of work to be performed, materials to be furnished, and as to the requirements of the specifications. The submission of a Bid shall be evidence that the Bidder has made such examination.

Bituminous Material
The asphalt binder shall be CRS-2P and shall be in accordance with Section 702 of the 2017 Colorado Department of Transportation “Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction”.

Aggregate for Cover Coat Material
The aggregate for cover coat material (1/2”) shall meet the requirements of Section 703.05 of the 2017 Colorado Department of Transportation “Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction” with the following additional conditions:

  • Gradation shall conform to the No. 7 gradation as specified in Table 703-01 with no more than one percent passing the No. 200 sieve.
  • The aggregate shall be washed.


Per 2017 Colorado Department of Transportation “Standard
Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction”, Subsection 409.04
through 409.08, with the following modifications:

409.04 – Weather Limitations

  • Bituminous material shall not be applied on a damp surface,
    temperature below 60°F, or when weather conditions would prevent the
    proper construction for the seal coat.

409.07– Applying Asphalt Emulsion

  • The asphalt emulsion shall be applied at a rate of 0.42 to 0.46 gallons per square yard.
  • The spraying of emulsified asphalt shall be conducted as to provide a seal at the joint between the edge of the concrete gutter and the adjoining road surface. Spraying widths necessary to cover the width of the road shall be calculated to keep the amount of the oil on any gutter or
    other concrete surfaces to a minimum. Hand spraying may be necessary
    where road widths are irregular.

409.08 – Application of Cover Coat Material

  • After the first lane of a two-lane road is chipped, the loose chips shall be swept back from the centerline for at least 6-inches, and the second lane bituminous and chip shall overlap 6-inches onto the first lane application.
  • Where applicable, excess material shall be swept from the entire surface by means of rotary power brooms within 24-hours after application of cover coat material. Said excess material shall be collected and disposed of at a location specified by the City.
  • Unless otherwise approved by the city aggregate for cover coat material shall be applied at a rate of 20 to 30 pounds per square yard.
  • A fog seal WILL BE applied to the surface of the completed chip seal. (Please see Fog Seal Description on page 9)

Chip seal coat will be measured by the square yard. The roadway will be measured at random locations to obtain an average width per lane.

The accepted quantities of chip seal coat will be paid for at the contract unit price per square yard to the nearest yard. Payment shall include all labor, materials, equipment and accessories, sweeping, traffic control, public notification, materials and application of seal coat as specified.

Construction zone traffic control shall be in accordance with the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Part 6. The Contractor will coordinate public notice with the City Of Alamosa Public Works Department. The City will provide social media, and newspaper announcements. The City will notify emergency services and trash services. The contractor shall provide door-to-door posting of notifications. Notifications shall be handed out no later than three-days in advance of the work in each area. The notifications shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:

  1. Date and time streets will be blocked off and cleared of vehicles
  2. Date and time for sweeping.
  3. Contractors contact information.
  4. City of Alamosa contact information.

The City of Alamosa will coordinate the towing of vehicles, if required.

Manhole lids, valve box covers and existing thermoplastic pavement markings within the road to be chip sealed shall be clean when process is completed. These fixtures shall be covered with roofing felt or other suitable material prior to sealing. The covering shall be removed immediately after the road is chipped.


A fog seal shall be applied at the rate of 0.10 gallons per square yard of diluted emulsion on specified roads directed by the City. The emulsion shall be diluted with water as a rate of 40 per cent water and 60 per cent CRS-2R or CRS-2P emulsion and applied with a pressure distributor. Application of fog seal shall not begin until chips are swept off completely and chip sealed surface is approved by City.

Method of Measurement
Emulsified asphalt and liquid asphaltic materials will be measured by the gallon. The pay quantity for emulsified asphalt shall be the number of gallons diluted with water.

Basis of Payment
Payment for placement of bituminous material will be by the unit price quoted per gallons placed. Quantities of bituminous material will be verified by the City to the nearest gallon as calculated from truck tank gauge measurements. Separate payment will not be made for sweeping, cleanup, or other incidentals such as sampling.

The Vendor must warrant the project for workmanship and materials placed on this project for six (6) months and are responsible for all costs of replacement. The Vendor shall submit this warranty in writing prior to final settlement.

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